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Contactless ordering and payment for happier guests and employees.

Scan, order, pay - Yoordi offers an innovative solution for the restaurant industry. If restaurateurs rely on Yoordi, guests only have to scan a QR code and then have access to the digital menu as well as the table bill. This saves guests time when ordering, reordering and paying. At the same time, the system is networked with the cash register, increasing efficiency in the restaurant.

The QR code on the table is scanned by the guests and they can already select their desired menu from the detailed menu with pictures and allergen information, which immediately appears in the POS. Thus, guests no longer have to wait for service staff to place orders and make payments, but can do so directly on their smartphones.

Yoordi is also successfully used at street food festivals and other events. This saves visitors waiting time and paying at the counter.

With the integration to aleno, guest and consumption data will be synchronized with Yoordi in real time.

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