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Powerful hotel property management software

Protel is a hotel PMS that helps organize day-to-day hotel operations.

The integration with aleno gives hotels the ability to transfer information about guests' reservations at in-house restaurants directly into the PMS and book consumption to guests' rooms.

All information from the aleno reservation system including guest data, orders and turnover are sent to Protel for central evaluation and billing (also from guests who are not staying at the hotel).

This provides comprehensive Customer Journey Data and better insights in preferences of guests. For better revenue management, special offers and upselling possibilities.

Protel is used by over 14’000 hotel customers in 90+ countries.The software connects all types of hospitality technologies in one standard, accessible framework. It is the only technology that allows hotels with multiple integrations to aggregate all specialist technology behavior to an intermediate level, accessible directly from within the PMS.

  1. Provide all required information about your operation for the initial configuration of the integration.
  2. Ask your Protel account manager to send you an API key for the aleno integration.
  3. Click the green button "Add to aleno" on the top right of this page.
Getting started
  1. Request the Hotel ID, Token and Server URL from Protel
  2. Press add to aleno
  3. Enter the credentials
  4. Aleno establishes a connection between your Protel account and the aleno restaurant.
Data & Permissions

Guest and reservation data.

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