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The leading payment service provider in Germany and Austria, BS Payone enables customers to make payments with all common payment methods, as well as contactless transactions via smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Supporting 260,000 merchants and suppliers in cashless payment, the full-service payment service provider offers both standardised and individual payment solutions for point of sale and e-commerce transactions on all devices and across all channels in line with each customer's requirements. Companies that wish to offer cashless payments to their customers receive from BS PAYONE all products for automated processing of all payment processes from a single source. This includes the acceptance of all common national and international credit and debit cards, alternative payment methods (APMs), POS and self service terminals for stationary trade and the automated and holistic processing of e-commerce and mobile payments.

With the integration to aleno, the BS Payone processor allows restaurants to accept payments with BS Payone as the acquirer.

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