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The Simphony POS system from Oracle is built for complete restaurant management. Simphony powers the most successful food and beverage venues across the globe, from local cafés and iconic fine dining restaurants to global quick-service chains, stadiums, and theme parks.

With the integration of Simphony with aleno, you have a better overview of your top-selling guests and their consumer behaviour. This allows you to invite specific guests to suitable events or actively up-sell.

With the integration you can:

  • Get a better understanding of your guest seating times
  • Get guest spend insight like you never had it before
  • Automatically sync reservations and table assignments between Simphony and aleno
  • Sync reservation statuses (checked-in, paid, departed) between Simphony and aleno
  • Make sure your (online) capacity always reflects the situation in the restaurant as precise as can be
  • And more!

Request access to get all the benefits of this integration.

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