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Google’s service, "Reserve with Google" (RwG), helps users find services and book appointments with local service providers like spas, gyms and restaurants. The reservation system aleno is official partner of "[Reserve with Google]". This gives restaurants that use aleno the opportunity to make reservations directly via Google Search, Google Maps or Google Assistant.

What the integration brings:

  • You have new channels for reservations, directly in Google.
  • Gives Google access to all free tables that are available through the reservation system aleno.
  • Bookings from Google are synced with aleno in real-time.
  • Partner restaurants receive the reservation button in Google Search, a book button making it very convenient for guests to make reservations.
  • The booking procedure in Google is fast, intuitive, and easy for your guests.
  • Unlike other reservation portals, guests do not need an account to make their reservations.

With the integration restaurants make it easy for their guests to book a table even without visiting the website or using any other app. And they increase their visibility on Google channels. It helps to fill more tables, without any extra commission fees or marketing efforts.

Getting started
  1. Have the aleno reservation system in use (if you don't already, simply book a free demo here).
  2. Sign in to Google My Business and make sure the address in Google and aleno are an exact match (if you don’t have an account you can create it here)
  3. Make sure you have at least one shift with availability for the next 30 days setup in aleno (
    • Availability means that there is at least 1 slot available for booking in the next 30 days
    • If there are shifts without any available slots, the shift will be discarded from Google maps. It might take few days for it to appear back again
  4. If those are both done, press "Request Access" on this page.
  5. aleno establishes a connection to Google so guests can reserve directly in Googly Search and and Google Maps.
  6. Guest reservations are now passed from Google to aleno.
Data & Permissions

The following data is synced from Google to aleno

  • Customer profile data
  • Reservation data

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