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The hospitality system of the future

Mews is a Cloud PMS solution built for the hoteliers of the future.

Offering online-check-in to the hotel, seamless integrations with a multitude of integration partners and a mobile optimized friendly user interface, ensuring easy and quick training and onboarding of employees.

Mews and aleno make a powerful combination. This integration offers:

  • The ability to transfer information about hotel guests directly into aleno
  • Automatic display in aleno whether a guest is in-house or not
  • More information in aleno about the booking dates, package and room number
  • Searching for room number in aleno to easier accept restaurant bookings

This provides a more comprehensive picture of your guests and better insights in preferences of guests. Besides this allows for elevated service and more efficient operations for reservation management and in the restaurant.

The integration to Mews is soon ready. We are working on it.

Getting started
  1. Request the ClientToken and AccessToken from Mews
  2. Press add to aleno
  3. Enter the credentials
  4. Aleno establishes a connection between your Mews account and the aleno restaurant.
  5. Customer profiles and related hotel bookings are now synced from Mews to aleno.
Data & Permissions

The following data is synced

  • Customer profile data
  • Hotel bookings including: dates booked, package and room number.
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