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Mailchimp is the most popular and widely used email marketing software in the world. With the integration, you can send newsletters to all contacts from your reservation data. Additionally, remarketing campaigns can be created and emails can be automated for better customer engagement.

With aleno, you can manually and automatically add customer tags to guest profiles. Small thing, big effect. Whether "vegetarian", "live music visitor" or "regular lunch guest" - with the individual tags, restaurant operators always have the relevant information to segment guests and target them with suitable offers.

**Application examples: **

Events: Inform former participants of a certain event that a new event of this kind is coming up. This way you get early reservations from highly interested people.

Remarketing: Send emails to guests that haven't been to your restaurant for some time to ensure retention.

Upselling: Guests ordered a special wine with dinner? Send them a message that they can order this wine in the restaurant store at a special price.

Getting started

1. connect aleno with Mailchimp. You can integrate the two systems with just a few clicks. Not yet using Mailchimp? No problem! Just create a free account and get started.

For a step by step installation process in the Marketplace, please see this link

2. Update contacts with the individual tags. All contacts on Mailchimp are synced and updated with tag info and additional contact info from the reservation system. This is done fully automatically.

3. start marketing automation. Determine which guest segments should be targeted with which messages. Once set up, these are sent as soon as a trigger event occurs.

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