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With over 20 years of experience in the full-service and quick-service restaurant industry, Hypersoft offers the all-round POS solution for your restaurant's needs. aleno finds it important to connect with as many partners as possible. The Hypersoft / aleno interface fits perfectly into this strategy as it complements the range of services available.

With the integration you can:

  • Get a better understanding of your guest seating times
  • Get guest spend insight like you never had it before
  • Automatically sync reservations and table assignments between Hypersoft and aleno
  • Sync reservation statuses (checked-in, paid, departed) between Hypersoft and aleno
  • Make sure your (online) capacity always reflects the situation in the restaurant as precise as can be
Getting started
  1. Request credentials for this integration from Hypersoft
  2. Press add to aleno
  3. Enter the credentials
  4. Aleno establishes a connection between your Hypersoft POS and Portal
  5. Reservations and their details are now synced between the two systems.
Data & Permissions

The following data is synced

  • Customer profile data
  • Reservations & details such as guest comments, statuses, etc.
  • Spending & items bought
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